The kids of Edgemont are faced with issues that happen in their lives, whether the issues are racism, homosexuality, or discrimination.

Genre: Drama

Actor: P. J. Prinsloo , Myles Ferguson

Director: Ian Weir

Country: Canada

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2001

IMDb: 6.6

Season 2 - Edgemont
05 Oct 2001
"Anika starts a betting pool, Mark and Laurel are paired for a class assignment with interesting end results, and Anika pushes Chris to his breaking point driving him to Tracey."
12 Oct 2001
"Craig organizes a school rally to support Kat's cause; Kat plants doubts in Laurel's mind about Mark's relationship with Jen; Erin and Anika befriend Kelsey to get at Chris; Jen writes ..."
19 Oct 2001
"Things heat up on the Chris Laidlaw web site; Laurel breaks things off with Mark, then makes up again; Kat's crush on Craig intensifies by the minute; Craig persuades Kat to try home ..."
08 Nov 2001
"Jennifer walks in on Mark and Laurel kissing; Erin and Anika's web site on Chris lands them in hot water; Mark finds out he doesn't know Laurel as well as he thinks; Craig tries to get out ..."
09 Nov 2001
"Derek's community service at the school takes a bad turn when he gets into an altercation with Chris; Jennifer tries to set Shannon up with Jordan and it causes a rift in their friendship; ..."
15 Nov 2001
"Jen decides to go to the school dance solo - and winds up having one of the worst nights of her life. Things between Mark and Laurel are still tense after his discovery that she went out ..."
16 Nov 2001
"Mark discovers Laurel is moving back to Toronto at the same time Jen enlists his help to stop Derek from taking off to Mexico. Erin thinks her feelings for Kevin are reciprocated till she ..."
22 Nov 2001
"Laurel and Mark disagree on the ending to her video while Craig and Shannon worry about their on-screen kiss. Jennifer has an ugly run-in with Chris; seeing Chris' cool-factor plummet, ..."
23 Nov 2001
"Mark discovers a bottle of vodka hidden in the rec room; Erin finds out about Kevin's date with Brenda and decides to put a stop to it; Laurel questions Shannon's feelings for Craig, ..."
29 Nov 2001
"Kat plans a weekend getaway with Kurt; Shannon breaks up with Craig; Kevin can't figure out why Erin and Brenda are mad at him; Chris redeems himself in an unexpected way (and Anika takes ..."
30 Nov 2001
"Laurel and Mark are blind-sided by the news that Laurel is leaving much sooner than expected; Gil and Kevin prepare to do battle over Erin; Jen discovers that Shannon has been haunted by questions about her sexual identity."
06 Dec 2001
"Anika and Chris plot how to use Shannon's poem against her; Jennifer and Shannon cope with the growing mystery of Anika's campaign focus; Gil and Kevin face another fight; Mark and Laurel ..."
"While the election results are announced pitting Anika against Shannon, Laurel and Mark meet for the very last time but things don't go quite as planned."
Season 3 - Edgemont
19 Sep 2002
"Laurel announces she's staying in Edgemont; Jennifer discovers election ballots missing; Kevin confesses to a crush on Erin."
26 Sep 2002
"Mark and Laurel find an apartment; Anika tries to save her reputation; Chris's attraction to Jennifer grows."
03 Oct 2002
"Gil posts a list on the Internet of the \"hottest\" girls at his school, which could cause problems in Kevin & Erin's new courtship. Elsewhere, Laurel is stressed about finding a place to ..."
10 Oct 2002
"Anika launches a personal attack on Jennifer ... in which she goes too far; Laurel and Mark make up; Erin and Kevin become a couple."
17 Oct 2002
"Kat moves back home and tells Laurel to leave; Anika and Erin face suspension; Jen and Chris enter the same contest."
24 Oct 2002
"Laurel's plans for a romantic dinner with Mark go awry; Shannon mistakenly reveals her secret; Derek returns from jail; full-scale war erupts between Anika and Erin."
31 Oct 2002
"Jen and Chris face a crisis in their just-begun relationship; Anika gets impeached; Mark's new job complicates his life."
07 Nov 2002
"Anika announces her intention to transfer to another school; Craig reveals some unexpected feelings; Josh sends Laurel reeling; Kevin sets out to impress Erin by getting himself into a world record book."
14 Nov 2002
"Jennifer and Shannon have a blowout; Kevin loses it when he sees Erin making a play for Mark; Kat learns that 'Demonslayer' lives nearby."
21 Nov 2002
"Derek frightens Laurel, causing both Mark and Jennifer to cut him loose; Kat discovers the startling identity of Demonslayer; Josh tells Laurel how he feels about her."
22 Nov 2002
"Anika's tribute to the Great Bear Rainforest gets an angry Craig to create a rival event. Mark and Laurel temporarily patch things up; Mark is at serious risk of failing the year at school."
28 Nov 2002
"Laurel's video diary falls into the wrong hands; Anika revamps Craig's look; Shannon forces Jen to choose between their friendship and Chris."
"Mark and Laurel's relationship is put to the test after Mark sees Laurel's video diary. Meanwhile, Anika and Erin get into a fight over Craig."
Season 4 - Edgemont
16 Oct 2003
"Laurel returns from Houston and tells Mark it's over; Jennifer learns Shannon came out to her parents and has been kicked out of her home; Mitch, a new student at McKinley, ruffles Anika's feathers when he bullies her cousin."
17 Oct 2003
"Craig questions his relationship with Anika and winds up breaking it off; Mark's French lessons grow tense when Laurel is assigned to be his tutor; Shannon has a meeting with her parents which results in her moving in with Jennifer."
23 Oct 2003
"Mark, in an effort to move on with his life, asks Tracey to be his partner at the grad class car wash, but when they run into Laurel afterwards at Captain Java, she hurls a glass at Mark in a rage."
24 Oct 2003
"Laurel blows up at Mark when she learns from Erin that he and Tracey had a fling during the summer. Bekka takes initiative and asks Kevin out on a date, but Kevin takes relationship advice from Gil and plays hard-to-get..."
30 Oct 2003
"Chris takes his relationship up a notch when he asks Jennifer to go to Mexico for the holidays, but Jen has a much bigger decision to make when she discovers she's pregnant."
31 Oct 2003
"Mark discovers that Paige is a mother, and when she injures herself at work and is rushed to the hospital, Mark grapples with babysitting. It's Chris's 18th birthday and Jen stresses about how she's going to tell him she's pregnant."
06 Nov 2003
"In an effort to shed her old skin, and to prove to Gil that she's not so conservative, Shannon joins up with Craig to demonstrate against Uber Burger... and winds up being dared to streak through one of the fast food's locations."
07 Nov 2003
"Paige returns to school to finish her education, but loses confidence when her baby, left with Mark for a moment, has been past from student to student. (Namely, Gil and Jen). Mark apologizes and they agree to a fresh start."
13 Nov 2003
"Craig confesses to Kat that he's developed a crush on Shelby, but when Kat, tired of being his 'buddy', dons a dress to prove she has a feminine side as well, Craig's affections shift once again..."
14 Nov 2003
"Even though he's still with Anika, affections continue to grow between Craig and Kat. That is until Erin, in an effort to piss Anika off, steps in and convinces Craig that Shelby is the ..."
20 Nov 2003
"In surprise twist of character, Gil writes a sensitive play that he decides to produce at school... but Erin is mortified when she discovers it's 'loosely' based on her one night with him."
21 Nov 2003
"Mark asks Paige out on a date but backpedals it into a 'just friends' thing when Laurel, who still has feelings for Mark, warns him that a single mother has different needs."
27 Nov 2003
"Laurel compliments Gil's play and it goes to his head ... he becomes absolutely convinced that this means Laurel has the hots for him. Meanwhile, Mark's hackles rise when Paige goes to a hockey game with Tyler."
28 Nov 2003
"Wayne's bullies get out of control and spray paint 'homo' on his locker. And Shannon, fed up with people's small minds, comes out to the school... which complicates her new living arrangement with Maggie."
04 Dec 2003
"Paige gets dressed to the nines for her first date with Mark, but things go awry when he gets called into work. Paige decides she'll go out with Jen for a girls' night out, but that too goes off track... Erin's crush on Derek intensifies."
05 Dec 2003
"Anika hijacks Laurel's part in Gil's play, portraying Erin as sex-starved vixen. Meanwhile, Paige and Mark try to regain their jobs after Tyler fires them from the warehouse, and after ..."
11 Dec 2003
"Gil tries to make amends with Erin and Kevin loses it when Bekka dumps him for Travis. Meanwhile, Jennifer has a health scare and Laurel gets offered a six-month modeling gig in Japan."
"Mark and Laurel reconcile, and he insists that she take the job in Japan. Meanwhile, Gil is heartbroken when Kevin escorts Erin to the dance, prompting Erin to realize that Gil truly cares, and Chris proposes to Jennifer."
Season 5 - Edgemont
28 Apr 2005
"While Laurel is away in Japan, Mark rents her room in Maggie's apartment. Meanwhile, Jen and Chris attempt to continue their relationship when their pregnancy takes an unexpected turn and ..."
05 May 2005
"Jen's new musicial interest & friends come between her and Chris. Meanwhile, Gil tries desperately to make up with Erin, Mark has his hands full with his brother Travis & with Laurel's return."
12 May 2005
"Laurel starts working at the coffee shop with Maggie, but with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Jen finds out she isn't able to carry a child to term, and the news drives her further away from Chris."
26 May 2005
"Mark hosts a poker game for all the guys with high stakes results. Meanwhile, Jen continues to drive Chris further away and keeps her budding musical interests apart from him; Craig ..."
02 Jun 2005
"Tyler & Anika play an extortion-filled version of cat and mouse, that leaves Craig the victim. Meanwhile aptitude test results affect many, including Mark who's aptitude for art leads him into taking the starring role in Gil's play."
09 Jun 2005
"When Laurel's modeling money comes through, she's inundated with people and their ideas for her money ... including Mark; Gil desperately tries to fire Erin from his movie; Shannen misunderstands when her friend Stevie asks her to a dance."
16 Jun 2005
"Filming begins on Gil's movie with distrastrous results - Becca continues to fawn all over Mark, jeopardizing her relationship with Travis, and Gil & Erin get into a fight when she takes a love scene with Mark too far."
23 Jun 2005
"Jen's brother Derek, returns to town and manages to play knight in shining armour and rescue Anika; Laurel & Mark clash at their apartment after their unofficial breakup; Shannen and Stevie make plans now that they're a couple."
30 Jun 2005
"Laurel begins looking for a place of her own, when Maggie & Mark make it clear their apartment is too crowded; Shannon's up in arms when the principal won't let her talk about her being a lesbian on Tracey's radio show."
07 Jul 2005
"Jen contemplates leaving with Eddie; Shannon attempts to patch things up with Stevie, after outing her to her parents; Gil continues planning his grad stunt; Chris & Mark help Laurel move with disastrous results; Wayne finds his soulmate."
14 Jul 2005
"Laurel & Mark bask in the afterglow of their first night together, but old problems attempt to creep up on them; Gil's Cancun grad stunt plans become a little richer; Jen learns some hard truths from Eddie's girlfriend."